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The Supreme Ab & Arm Stimulator and Muscle Trainer

The Supreme Ab & Arm Stimulator and Muscle Trainer

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Do you ever complain about not having your ideal body? 

When you walk out of the shower everyday and catch a glance in the mirror it usually leads to complaining or the uncomfortable, discouraging posture changing that leads to you hopelessly dragging your feet out of the bathroom once again...

Now your only left with a few options: Option A) complain about your body, waste countless money dieting, and spend hours grinding weights in the gym until you collapse, give up and end right back up at where you started. 

Or you can bid for Option B: our Supreme Ab Stimulator And Muscle Trainer! It fits every body type and effortlessly allows you to achieve the dream body you've always craved deep inside.

Not to mention you'll be able to enjoy your newly shredded body without that $50+ monthly bill to the gym that could cost you $400, $500, or even $1000 in fitness and nutrition plans before you begin to see any results. 

Unlike the thousands of others who rushed to get theirs before you'll be getting it 60% OFF Today!

Relax and revolutionize your life!


-Includes: 3 mode changing hosts, 1 abdominal muscle toner, 2 arm muscle toning belts

-How it works: Electric muscle stimulator is to transfer the current signal to muscle directly which close to the current strength of our body, promoting muscle movement and making the muscles be in the state of training.

-Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)

-Thin and lightweight design so that you can have your muscle training not only in the gym, but also in office during your work and in home while you do the housework.

-6 work modes and 10 levels of intensity for your training desires

-Works for 12 minutes, after which the host will automatically turn off

-Adhesive gel pad will stay in place to allow full movement.

-Great to help relieve symptoms for sore shoulders, tight waist and low back while promoting your muscle movement.

 ****Due to incredibly high demand, it may take 2-3 weeks for the Ab stimulator and Muscle Trainer to arrive****

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