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Fitness Pendant Necklace

Fitness Pendant Necklace

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Do you ever have trouble expressing your true passion? 

When you finish your workout and are forced to transform from Superman back into Clark Kent, you're usually left with a feeling of loss as if you're losing a side of who you are in the transformation.

You turn from superhero to average joe before you even had a chance to reveal yourself.

Now thats not the reason you workout in the first place...

Thats where our Fitness Pendant Necklace saves the day! With its incredible design and reflective detail, you finally are able to express yourself authentically and passionately.

Not to mention you're catching a rising trend, so be sure to empower yourself with our Fitness Pendant before your friends beat you to it!

Thanks to our trending page, our product is in limited stock so order yours today at 60% OFF!!


Luxurious Gold and Black Color Options

Sophisticated Link Chain

Size: 20 inches

Due to high demand, shipping will take 3-5 weeks

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